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Please do not request I play your map, sorry I don't have time for this any more.

Do you prefer Quake II? or Doom, perhaps?

I've got nine screenshots of a level I'm creating of my house.

Of course, I'm not the only person on Earth wasting heaps of time reviewing maps; see the Quake Map Hotel and crash for lotsa lotsa reviews.

All are single-player Quake levels, except where noted. The Filename column refers to the name of the zip that can be downloaded from your local mirror.

The worst I've played so far would be slackhaus.
The best wad is hard to choose, but the most recent masterpiece I've played is Zerstörer. 9 single-player levels and 5 deathmatch levels. New weapons, monsters, powerups, sounds, textures and music. Exploding walls, rain, and cut-scenes. Everything is professionally made and put together, and there's even a storyline. :)

sfx   = new sound effects
gfx   = new graphics
mus   = new music
dem   = .dem included
demo  = demo built in
dm    = designed for deathmatches
pg4dm = probably good for deathmatches
archi = detail, realism and/or architecural constructions
wpns  = weapons
req   = requires
inc   = includes
PC    = Partial Conversion
TC    = Total Conversion

Filename    Author    Description
--------    ------    -----------
3oc         Zied      big, complex, detailed and realistic, great new ideas
4fiffy1     ReOL      small and nasty medieval/wizard-style
4fiffy2     ReOL      small and nasty medieval-style, with several traps
9terrors    Russell   nice house and shed, great construction and lighting
afhell      DeSoto    great new textures, few new ideas, stupidly difficult
agony       Kevin     lotsa good ideas but too difficult to bother playing
agx         Gomez     nice textures and ideas but 10 times too many monsters
airq009     Iikka     TC with players replaced by fighter planes
altus2      Travis    climb up tower, down, up again then get killed
ancients    unknown   starts off well, gets stupid by the end. archi. pg4dm
anonca1     Rob       large, dark, very difficult wizard-theme starbase
aqua        Roger     great fun, colour-coded sectors with pipes and grates
arcane      Matt      very well constructed, great new ideas, rune theme
area51      Murat     small military base. crap texturing, very difficult
arenaq      Bad Ash   big dark room with steaming bucketloads of monsters
arma2       Matthias  very dark, moody, nasty, vicious and uh.. surprise-ing
babel       Marc      Quakified e2m8 (Tower of Babel) from Doom
badass      Derrick   newbie but great ideas, tricky traps, surprise end
bario3      Bario     far too dark and difficult to bother
base-n      Andrzej   small mil base. nice design (esp.elevator), cramped
basetunn    Doug      two missing buttons makes this unfinishable
battle      Jason     absolute killfest in a small house-like setting
bc2         Partisan  dark, cramped, slightly confusing cave
beach1      Kid       small but fun island surrounded by ocean of lava
blister     Tony      spiral design with stairs, traps and tricks
bsp1        various   10 large, complicated dm lvls, great archi and traps
bubbah      Bubbah    short, nasty, deadly, dark
cdespair    Sonya     small but nasty mansion with lots of new textures
cdestroy    Sonya     damn nasty military base with many nice constructions
claustro    unknown   very small deathmatch level with a nice lift
cope        Ed Cope   Ed's first level. small base-style with many Enforcers
corpus      Dan       lots of puzzles and traps, but it's all a bit cramped
critters    Jim       small metallic spacebase with some good fast action
dm7         A.McGee   the 'missing' deathmatch level
doom2_04    Swen      Doom2's map04 - The Focus
doom2_07    Swen      Doom2's map07 - Dead Simple
doom2_08    Swen      Doom2's map08 - Tricks and Traps
dukenuke    unknown   Blow away heaps of Dukes. many nice Duke-effects
em1         Dave      medium sized floating warehouse, many nasty beasties
erotique    Marty     small but very nasty and fairly dark medieval level
evilwrld    Matt      short and dark with wizard theme. Matt's first map
fkbeta2     unknown   PC. sfx, gfx, hand combat, nice weapons
ghost       Roger     very nicely built wildwest ghost town, inc. train
guard       Andrew    very fun, well constructed wizard temple/space base
happy12     Dick      show happy clowns your shotgun so they give you smiles
harmsway    Brian     largish base. great layout and constructions. gfx
housp       Scott     short but some damn nasty traps and tricks
ikspq1      Iikka     caves and medieval castle. shambler in easy. all gfx
ikstart     Iikka     difficulty level selection halls. all new gfx
juracave    EraserX   short and nasty cramped caves with dinosaur statues
jzspq       Jason     A Wolf level and a Doom level
jzspq2      Jason     five short increasingly difficult puzzles
letsrock    David     highly detailed blacksmith's shop and home
lod1,2,3    Legion    a compilation of edits makes this a partial conversion
mexx        Marcus    two levels; both very dark and ridiculously difficult
mexx3-5     Marcus    very dark and ridiculously difficult
mexx6       Marcus    quite well-done, fast-paced, enjoyable space station
mexx7       Marcus    ridiculously difficult castle
mexx8       Marcus    ridiculously difficult castle
mighty      Russell   small, some good ideas, but buggy as the author says
mpythonq    Zahgurim  nails=bubbles, grenades=fish, and lots of silly sounds
my_home     Swen      small dm. 3 houses with fences, sheds, etc.
plumber     Gyro      cramped, watery. two new monsters, not enough ammo
prodigy_se  Dario     four large lvls of pain, death and downright nastiness
qb-chess    i^3       TC puts battle chess in Quake. very entertaining
qf014b      Qfiles    PC with weapons, a few maps, invisible men and more
quake_wars  Mr.White  PC with Star Wars monsters like stormtroopers
quash       Russell   dm. four large stair-filled rooms, all wpns
royalwar    Scott     multi-storey, medieval, nasty surprises, good layout
sfquake     Hitman    PC. shoot the hijackers and terrorists on a 747
slackhaus   Drew      author house. bad textures, vague shapes, all wpns, dm
sofsp1      Neil      great jungle theme with sfx, gfx and mutated beasties
starship    Neil      escape prison starship. PC with many great new ideas
starshp2    Neil      sequel of above. recapture rocket. PC with more ideas
strange     Jeda      small, strange beginner map. several nice constructs
tdk         Team TDK  huge PC, 13 lvls, brilliantly complex and detailed
thefly      Markus    this will make your brain hurt. very cleverly done
tod         Scott     small but fun multi-floored spiral. good for dm
tortower    Sonya     short, very nasty floating towers. Sonya's first level
torture     Gyro      small, tricky, good ideas, skull and torture chambers
tower       Luke      an editing_example - a small brick castle-type tower
tower2      Jarkko    short, viscious medieval castle/space base melding
tower2a     Jarkko    updated and improved.  nice lift, lamp and end portal
village     Steve     fantastically detailed and constructed. definite top10
zer         Nihilism  play this. play it now. marvellous PC with 14 lvls

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